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    Early-stage (pre-seed to Series A) investments that resonates and have an impact

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    Serial fintech entrepreneur - Failcon member - Activist investor - Impact-sensitive - Love is in the bin

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    Backing early-stage ambitious and driven founders with an impact

    Early-stage investor, board member and advisor since 2012.

    Clown artist until such time as crypto is understood and its users are standing by its values.

    Founder of fintech, private equity, and lifestyle (i.e., flip-flop) ventures.

    Significant experience as a private equity professional (attorney, compliance officer, placement agent and investor).

    Passionate about fintech, web3, crypto, blockchain, impact, flip-flops, hotels, tennis, disrupting models, decentralized networks, and anything pertaining to building a sustainable planet for our children.


    Passionate about my kids above all.



    -- Fintech

    -- Web3

    -- Crypto

    -- Blockchain

    -- NFTs

    -- Private Equity/Venture Capital

    -- Entrepreneurship

    -- Fund Formation

    -- Flip-Flops

    -- Travel (yes, really)

    -- Impact

    -- Clowns


    For fintech, web3, crypto & blockchain initiatives, please reach out directly on https://www.echotraffic.io.

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